Merchant Services

Allowing businesses to acquire payments from customers at the point of sale. When a customer wants to pay using their Cash N’ Go mobile wallet, your sales person just enters the amount of the transaction, the customer scans the QR Code and confirms payment. Simple as That!

Bill Pay

Customers may require payments in advance and can receive these payments for the invoices they have issued through our biller feature – much like customers pay their utility bills such as BPL or Water & Sewerage. As Simple as That!

Online Payments

Customers can accept payments right online through a simple request for payment that is passes to the client’s mobile number and all they have to do is press accept and your payment is instantaneous! Simple as That!.

Virtual Gift Cards

Offer your customers electronic Gift Cards. Customers can purchase Gift Cards for your firm and send them virtually to a friend or family members cell phone. As Simple as That!. 

Payroll Services

You can pay your employees via our simple payroll solution – it is instantaneous and low cost – enter the amounts and date for payment – As Simple as That!

In-App Advertisting

Join hundreds of business and share your brand!

In-App advertising is a chance to position your brand front and center where thousands of wallet holders visit every dayLimited time offer.

  • Our group has been a trusted provider of financial services for over 100 years!
  • Safe & Secure Electronic Payments – at the counter or through a virtual shopping cart!
  • Expand sales through Gift Cards – another sales channel.
  • Reduce theft
  • Lower fees and lower cash handling cost

If you would like more information please email us at and a customer service professional will call you.