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Our innovative payments solution offers the following services for individuals and businesses

  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Aliv Top-up and Postpaid
  • BAF Payments
  • Person to Person Money Transfers
  • Merchant Payments
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Mobile Wallet

Sign Up

In just minutes you can enter your personal information including your mobile phone number and you are up and running.

Load Funds

Funds can be easily loaded to your mobile wallet by stopping in to any Cash N Go location and depositing cash at the teller – it is instantaneous! Or, if you prefer you can add your bank card to your mobile wallet and load funds straight from any MasterCard or Visa branded card.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Simply enter your account number, enter the amount you would like to pay, hit pay bill and the funds are transferred. Your account is updated at the end of the day – no fee to you.

Request Funds

Type in their mobile phone number and hit request funds – the user will get a request and choose to either accept or decline.

Transfer Funds

Enter the phone number of any Cash N Go mobile wallet user, enter the amount you would like to transfer to them & hit transfer and the funds are instantly transferred – no waiting around!

Cash Out

Stop by any Cash N’ Go location and go to the teller to get cash out of your account. All you need to do is provide your unique, secure, one-time, withdrawal code from your mobile wallet.

Small Business Owners

It’s easy, safe and secure to accept payments via CNG Mobile Wallet.
  • Never miss a sale
  • Safer than cash
  • Automatic sales reconciliation at the close of day
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So ... You'd Like to Become A Vendor

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    Currently, clients can only pay their BAF Financial insurance in the app.

    Clients can delete their credit card immediately after they load their mobile wallet with funds.

    Simply click on My Profile from the left sliding menu and then click on the word avatar. Then either take a picture or load a picture from your library.

    Yes, you can customize your wallet with a personal photo, go to the left sliding menu and select profile, click on the link avatar and choose a photo from your photo album, click on it and then select choose. Your new photo will appear in the wallet on both the home page and on the left sliding menu.

    Yes, you can simply go to the add left side menu, click on Add Funds with Card, click on Add New Card, enter the Cardholder Name, Card Number, Expiry Date and CVV then click Add Card. Once a card is added, from the left menu click on Add Funds with Card and click on the card you would like to use, type in the amount you would like to add then click the ADD button. The funds are immediately credited to your account and are ready to use.

    On the login in screen of the app there’s a “Sign Up” link at the bottom of the screen, select that. From there you fill out the required information (i.e cell number, password, first and last name, email) and agree to the terms and conditions. Last step is to select the yellow sign up button and await your email verification email.

    From the left sliding menu select Add Billers, select the biller you would like to add by clicking the Add button to the right of the biller's name. Add your account number in the format then click Add Biller. Once you have added a biller simply click the Pay Bills button from the home page, click on Pay Now under the Biller/Account number you want to pay, enter the amount you would like to pay and click Pay Now. The amount paid will appear in your Pending History and once the bill has been processed at end of day it will appear in your history as paid.

    Simply select transfer funds and you fill in the information of the person’s account you would like to send to, including the platform being used, and confirm the transfer.

    There are a few ways to add funds to your mobile wallet. You can attach a MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card to your wallet (see add card to wallet FAQ), you can request funds from other wallet holders (see Request Funds FAQ), you can go to any Cash N' Go location and give the CSR funds to load into your wallet (see Deposit Cash FAQ) or you can ask your employer to pay you into your mobile wallet (see Payroll FAQ).

    Go to the left menu and select Locate Us. This Locate Us feature geolocates where you are and displays all physical presences around you. If you click on the location pin it displays the Location Name, Phone number and exact street address.

    From the home page click on the Add Payees button, then add the name of the payee and the phone number of the payee, click on Add New Payee button and the payee will be added to your Quick Pay list

    Go to your nearest location (if you need to locate a location go to Locate Us in your wallet - see Locate Us FAQ) and simple give the CSR/Teller the mobile number used for you mobile wallet and your name and the cash amount you would like deposited and it is as simple as that. The funds will appear in your wallet immediately and these funds can be used to purchase goods, transfer to others with the wallet and to pay your utility bills

    Clients' credit card information is not saved on file

    Yes. You will receive an electronic receipt in your email. You will also have the transaction listed in your history.

    From the left side sliding menu click on transactions or from the bottom sticky menu click on history. From here you can view the completed transactions from the History Tab or from the Pending Tab you can see all the Pending Transactions.

    Clients will not be charged to load funds to their mobile wallet using their card. Client should note that the in order for the card to be successfully added, $1 will be withdrawn. The $1 credit will be available to the client in the mobile wallet credit balance.

    Clients will be charged a flat fee of .15 cents to transfer funds to another mobile user.

    Clients will not be charged to use the mobile wallet to pay their utility bills.

    If you cannot see your emails in your inbox, please check your junk mail.

    Clients who are not level 2 verified have a maximum amount of $500 in their mobile wallet credit balance.

    Clients who are not level 2 verified, have a maximum transaction amount of $1500 for the month.

    Clients need to upload two government issued ID, the primary document is a passport and a secondary ID. Once these ID are uploaded and saved, it will be reviewed by the compliance support.

    Clients can expect to see their utility accounts updated within 48hours.

    Clients can expect their accounts to be updated within 24hrs after payment.