Money Transfer Services

<p>Send money to your loved ones wherever in the world they may be.</p>

Moneygram offers fast, reliable, convenient money transfers to over 200 countries and territories worldwide, including the Caribbean. Send money to your loved ones or receive much needed funds in minutes for very affordable fees!

Send money to anyone on any island in the The Bahamas for only $2.50 plus VAT with RIA money transfers. RIA’s worldwide network in 149 countries means you can send money to distant places at affordable prices.

How To Send Funds

Find A Location

Find a participating Cash N’ Go location.

Bring Identification

Bring two valid Government Issued ID. A valid passport is required. Passport may be accompanied by a National Insurance Card, Voter’s Card or Driver’s Licence. If you work or reside in The Bahamas, but you are not a citizen, a valid work or spousal permit or a copy of your residency permit is required.

Send Reliably

Hand the agent the amount you are sending, plus the fee, in cash. Your money is on its way! Be sure to give your 8-digit reference number to your receiver for easy pick up.

Be smart: Never send money to someone you don't know