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Introducing the Cash N' Go mobile wallet!

Our innovative payments solution has been developed to meet the needs of the people and businesses in The Bahamas.

The Cash N' Go mobile wallet is Easy to Get, Simple to Use, Safe & Secure.

First, all you need to do is go to the Android or iOS app store and download the app.

Next, in just minutes you can enter your personal information including your mobile phone number and you are up and running – as simple as that!

Loading Funds on your Mobile Wallet: Funds can be easily loaded to your mobile wallet by stopping in to any Cash N Go location and depositing cash at the teller - it is instantaneous! Or, if you prefer you can add your bank card to your mobile wallet and load funds straight from any MasterCard or Visa branded card - as simple as that!

Transferring Funds to Others: Simply enter the phone number of any Cash N Go mobile wallet user, enter the amount you would like to transfer to them & hit transfer and the funds are instantly transferred - no waiting around!

Paying Bills: Simply enter your account number, enter the amount you would like to pay, hit pay bill and the funds are transferred. Your account is updated at the end of the day - no fee to you.

Get Cash Out: Simply stop by any Cash N' Go location and go to the teller to get cash out of your account. All you need to do is provide your unique, secure, one-time, withdrawal code fromyour mobile wallet – it’s as simple as that!

Request Funds from another Cash N' Go mobile wallet User: Simply type in their mobile phone number and hit request funds - the user will get a request and choose to either accept or decline – it’s as simple as that!

As a merchant if you would like to accept payments from the Cash N' Go mobile wallet simply click here and register or contact us at (242) 801-7243 / (242) 801-PAID and a representative will be in touch with you shortly to assist.

Thank you for your interest in the Cash N' Go mobile wallet!

Cash N' Go - your innovator in payments in The Bahamas.